With New Eyes

Returning to the UK has given me the chance to reflect on the last year and to look at what I have learnt.  On the world stage, the last year has been momentous: from Brexit, to the US election to the failed Turkish coup. But what has made this year different is the people I […]

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Serbia: Surviving the Smoke

My lasting impression of Serbia, is an unfortunate one. I will always remember it as the smoking capital of the world. I don’t know, statistically, if this is true but in my eyes everyone in Serbia appeared to be a chain smoker. We arrived in Belgrade at the beginning of October, in the last couple […]

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Pavement Life

Being from the UK you learn that pavements are for pedestrians and only pedestrians. Obstacles, that get in the way, be it signs, parked cars, bikes chained to railings or too many cafe tables and chairs are generally frowned upon, particularly if it inhibits the ability to walk. But not so in Hanoi, Vietnam. In […]

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Has The World Gone Mad?

Today I was left speechless. This is rare. Normally I have a view or an opinion on everything and can articulate what I need to say. But today was different. What caused this momentary lapse was the absolutely pointless, but environmentally impacting, item that I saw in front of me. It made me wonder why […]

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The Future of Remote Working

Flexible working was the buzzword of the noughties: the response to getting the work life balance amended. It started with slight changes to work hours to fit in with child care arrangements but also became a means to allow employees to have more ‘free time’. Initiatives such as working longer hours Monday to Thursday to […]

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When Archaeological Restoration Works and Fails: Cambodia Versus Vietnam

During the last two months I have returned to two large archaeological sites: Angkor Wat in Cambodia and Hue Citadel in Vietnam. Both are important tourist destinations for their respective countries and both have had some restoration that has taken place in the intermediate years but the differences could not have been more stark. In […]

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