Has The World Gone Mad?

Today I was left speechless. This is rare. Normally I have a view or an opinion on everything and can articulate what I need to say. But today was different. What caused this momentary lapse was the absolutely pointless, but environmentally impacting, item that I saw in front of me. It made me wonder why I am forever preaching about plastic waste: reduce, reuse, recycle being one of my favourite mottos. Everyone who knows me, knows that I try and live by these rules and encourage others to follow too.

So what did I see today that has caused me to wonder if the world has gone mad?

… individually plastic wrapped oranges!

Just why?

Why would anyone go to the effort of individually wrapping an orange in plastic, when it has a perfectly good, biodegradable wrapping?

I don’t have an answer for this. But it highlights the need to educate people on why we need to reduce the use of plastic. The harm it causes to our environment. The changes it is causing to our ecosystems. I can see future blogs already formulating in my head.


One thought on “Has The World Gone Mad?

  1. So glad you speak up about such things! This is completely mind-boggling! We have a few stores here (similar to ones there in Asia), that cater to that population wrapping literally everything in the shop in plastic… what the #$%@ are they thinking? I guess that’s just it, they aren’t, eh? I’m loving your travel blogs and photos. What a journey you are one 🙂


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