As a geoenvironmental engineer I am about to embark on a new challenge to combine work with my passion for travelling. From June 2016 I will be travelling the world as a digital nomad with 74 other like minded people as part of Remote Year.

I have been to many destinations over the last two decades and have seen many changes. Many of these are associated particularly with the advancement of technology.  I feel privileged to have undertaken my original travels at a time when it was still possible to see cities that were not congested with cars and it was possible to go ‘off-grid’ for weeks, if not months, without anyone getting worried. Within my blog I aim to try and describe some of the changes that I have seen and what it is like now to travel with such connectivity to the world.

As a secondary part of this blog I would like to provide comment on some of the environmental issues that we and our planet face in today’s world.  My aim is not to be critical of peoples’ decisions but to raise awareness of the complexity that exists and practical changes that every one of us can make without affecting the quality of our lives.


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